So noodles
Homemade fresh product french meat french flour but Chinese noodles and with plenty of love

Come to discover your homemade Chinese noodle restaurant.
We make our noodles daily in our restaurant located in Paris.

about us

so noodles,
An another way to appreciate noodles

At So Noodles, we offer traditional Chinese noodle dishes but revisited in order to have “healthier” and “lighter” dishes and of course with a homemade spicy sauce that will flavor all your dishes! 

Wishing to promote a low-fat-cooking, you can discover our noodles in sauce, to eat fresh, and our noodles in soup, to warm up well :).

to take away or to click&collect

Fresh noodles at your home or at your work

We try to use, as much as possible, cardboard, wooden or bamboo packaging and cutlery. We invite you to sort your waste. These packaging can also be used in the microwave.

For the Click & Collect , you have the option of paying either directly online or during the withdrawal. Plan the order processing time in advance (about 10min) and please respect your withdrawal time.

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